Alternative Treatments

The main treatment for breathing issues during sleep is CPAP machines and therapy. If for some reason, this is not a suitable option for you there are alternatives available.

For Mouth-Breathers

If you breathe through your mouth and a CPAP machine isn’t for you (even with a humidifier to moisten the air) you might consider these alternatives.

  • clear up nasal congestion before you go to bed, with an antihistamine, nasal decongestant, or saline wash
  • raise your head by using a higher pillow
  • consider surgery – speak with your doctor if this is relevant

Oral Appliances

These fixtures sit inside your mouth and their job is to prevent your tongue and upper mouth tissues from blocking your airways. They hold your jaw and tongue in place and tend to be less cumbersome than CPAP masks. They are custom-designed to fit your face and a dentist will usually be involved.

Lifestyle Changes

Sometimes sleep apnoea is caused by lifestyle characteristics. If you’re a smoker or could lose some weight, consider addressing these things to see whether you might be able to organically make improvements to your sleep quality.

You could also consider:

  • Exercising more
  • Lowering your alcohol intake
  • Sleeping on your side


There are many possible reasons your anatomy could be affecting your airways and therefore your breathing, and your sleep quality.

Depending on your specific situation, surgery may be an option to help alleviate your sleep challenges.

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