Diagnostic Services

After you’ve undergone a sleep study, it may be assessed that a CPAP trial will be beneficial for you. The trial runs for 2 weeks and costs $200. If you decide to go ahead with a purchase at the end of the 2-week trial then this $200 will be deducted from the price of a machine.

On arrival, we will together review your sleep study results and why a CPAP trial is recommended. We will then do a nasal restriction test, which involves nasal breathing into a tube to assess if you need a full-face or a nasal mask. If there is restriction through the nose then a full-face mask will be more comfortable and beneficial for you.

We will then fit you with the mask, and show you how to use the machine.

Another appointment will be made for you within the two weeks to check-in and review your experience with the machine, the results you are getting and whether you need to change masks (for example due to leaks, discomfort etc).

We are available to call or answer questions at any point.

After the two weeks, we will hold another appointment and if you are happy and want to purchase the machine, we will proceed. We will talk through all of your options and discuss the best option/s for you moving forward. Payment plans are also available.

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