Why Is Sleep So Important?

Treating your sleep apnoea can enable you to sleep better, awake brighter and improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Medisleep offers bulk billed sleep studies which diagnose sleep apnoea, and help to provide you with options and solutions to ensure you, and your loved ones get the full night, good quality sleep you deserve, and help you stay healthy and happy.

What is Sleep Apnoea?

Sleep apnoea occurs during sleep when the walls of your airways close in, and you momentarily stop breathing. Your body wakes up in order to start breathing again, and typically you quickly go back to sleep. This can happen hundreds of times per night! It can deeply affect the amount of true rest your body is getting, and therefore your overall quality of life.

Up to one in four men over 30 experience a degree of sleep apnoea. It can cause daytime drowsiness and trouble concentrating.

A range of treatments is available.

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Why Is Sleep So Important?

We have all been told that it is important to get plenty of sleep, and how lack of sleep is terrible for your health. This is great to know, but not very helpful when you’re a victim of bad quality of sleep and unsure why you wake up so tired every day!

So why is sleep so important?

The quality of your sleep is directly linked to things such as hormones, weight gain, higher blood pressure and heart rate. These things are, in turn, linked to issues such as cardiovascular disease, stroke and higher strain and pressure on the body.

Lack of sleep tends to reduce concentration levels, which is dangerous for all sorts of reasons. It affects your glucose metabolism and insulin production and can, therefore, cause Type 2 Diabetes.

It lowers our immunity and raises the inflammation markers in our body. Lastly, can cause depression and other mental health issues.

Knowing this, it is so important that we don’t put off the signs and symptoms of low quality sleep. Seek help to get the rest you deserve – and a better quality of life.

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