Is there more to your snore?

Does your snoring keep you up at night? Is your partner sick of nudging you in the ribs because your keeping them up? Do you wake up feeling like you’ve had no sleep at all? We can help… read on to find out more

Medisleep offers bulk billed sleep studies which diagnose sleep apnoea, and help to provide you with options and solutions to ensure you, and your loved ones get the full night, good quality sleep you deserve, and help you stay healthy and happy.

About Us

Medisleep is a local sleep diagnosis and treatment business operating in Ballina NSW. In addition to diagnosing and treating sleep issues, we also recommend and supply CPAP machines, lung function testing to diagnose illnesses such as asthma, and heart holter monitor testing.

We provide bulk-billed sleep studies in our lab, or in your home. The results are used to diagnose sleep apnoea and sleep disorders. We then follow up with a treatment plan that can include options such as CPAP trials and purchases.

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